Summer 2009
Guest Editor: Claire Donato

Editor's Note

A little study in scale and geometry.
by Alex Kruckman

Big Guys, Bunny How-To, & And If Orange It Waits
Who’s going to baby the big guy?
by Amanda Katz

Circuits of the Eye
Does one look through or into the view, and how
is the View-Master not binoculars?
by Justin Katko & Jeff T. Johnson

Cell Fish
I had tried to think of one cell making copies of its walls.
by Evelyn Hampton

A Good Cry: The Pleasure of the Young Adult Tearjerker

Death is but a dream.
by Leslie Patron

Laurels: Pts. I & II
by Jieun Reiner

Songs from a Long Poem Which is Not Called

"Sing-Along Morality of Thinking" But More

Like "Hmmmmmmm Time and Politics"

hungry it dissolves inside u ay am like a butterly + ay float
by Josh Stanley

billboard of her sleeping
A wrestling experience of blue.
by Eli Halpern

Armless Legless
by Haley Dolan Katko

Three Poems
by Adam Roberts

Very tiny cities, white buildings gripped inside.
by Blake Butler

Corpus Callosum: Tools for Writing a Valentine
Anatomical embroidery
by L. Amelia Raley

No Small Taters: Three Remarks on Lingo
Extending the ambiguous tokens of our spoken language
beyond the vegetative: whether mashed, boiled, diced, or baked.
by Justin Katko

Fatherhood & Poem
horse etc. w/ his · forked mouth
by Becca Swimmers Ear

Between Shakespeare and Richard Brodie
The puzzle here is in word processing.
by M. Rebekah Otto

A Zen Essay in Which Maybe Nothing Is Accomplished
In my brain, there are clear images of the faces

of three human beings I consider to be

great contemporary philosophers.

by Matthew Savoca

Sky Polaroids
by Ryan Manning

In the Air
Acknowledgment of scale is not necessary.
by Ian Hatcher

Go East: A Western in Reverse
A vision of manifest destiny that is more
about contraction than expansion.
by Tara Goe
with an illustration by Hannah Reiff

Floatation Devices
The whole sentence itself had been dismantled like car parts. 
by Janalyn Guo

by Shannon Tharp

by Noé Cuéllar

The Politics of Silence
The omnipresence of murmuring as far back as the epiglottis goes. 
by M. Ann Hull

Older at Night
by Brian Foley

Magic Tape: 7" Review
by Michael Correy

Handmade Books: Or, My Answer to an Increasingly Digital and Mass-Manufactured World
A new type of factory, formed.
by Katy Henriksen

Matchbox Museum
Four craftspeople + four matchboxes
Curated by Claire Donato & Jeff T. Johnson

The nature of texts... allows them to survive their own dismemberment.
by Justin Taylor

The ends.
by Jeff T. Johnson


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