Songs From a Long Poem Which Is Not Called

"Sing Along Morality of Thinking" But More Like

"Hmmmmmmmm Time and Politics"
by Josh Stanley


Mellow as a bumblebee love is
dead in the
summer oo
hungry it dissolves inside u ay am like a butterly + ay float +
plastic materials do not
return my willy by
a service road:
the trees falter from sight
which is place
in the sky of night made pronounced by comets
which is infinite
i.e. unknown through us knowing oooo things
which is a facet of song +
one of the reasons that ay am a shepherd:
my love ooo these are my
flutes um we take mdma
+ stroll through the fields
er rave in the 1980s
uh but my sheep are
here + everywhere in the present
+ ay need to watch em
but do take my ebullient weeds
+ touch urself shining oo thinking of me:
for if ay were caught in abstraction
what then wld ay be:
please remember that
the night is like youth
which isn’t necessarily true but
please remember it
because u know things change
this is an ideal world
which is not the system
i.e. the good life
ooo my passion is irreconcilable
ay will now compose a song called negative
whilst u be gone
+ o dear pan
Thank u for everything u’ve done kisses


The planets in our solar system
sustain philosophy law insults
hospital funding house of lords
reforms with their threats
to run a train on the
o ay am the sort who
always cries at endings +
casuistry has an emotional call +
the cobbler screams
because the internet makes its own eclipse:
with ur love in my
heart like the curdled sunrise
ay demand a
better kind of information
my dear dear dear er
oooooo love: ay cross the
boundary : still hold my
hand as thankfully + hopefully
oooooo a shepherd in a
job market fuck the same person
going into the fresh grass
which the astronauts celebrate
in future space for us + ooo ay
alone can cut between me +u
u blush with love on on ur er
cheeks when ay flick the switch
like the glory of madrigals:
            set us to music as + er
we commune with the charitable moon
            in company while the bright
cows gather the water bucket
with their intelligence:
            this is literally what ay want to relate
o my darling me darling
            we ask for stuff

We dalliance by the reedy world of
oaten stop + u ask amongst
the clouds + rainbow sheep
that ay shld have had my
eyes removed unsurgically
2 find a better world
ooooo light is a duality of wave + particle
er ay like this one
+ as confused
who ever loved that loved not at first sight
what terror we learned or
whatever terrors may have
made us
companions 2
the plough um or the field +
2 each other
ur underwear is on me tight
oooooooo ay am dressed as a lion
this stormy evening
+ ay call u 2 tell u
    o reddish sky
    a disturbance of plenum
    this causes colours +
come + look at me + hang out
for ay have nothing else 2 do according 2 the crop circles +
the agent of the exchange
(the social put on of nature),
my shepherdess lovely,
is a notion too trivial 2
engage much attention
ooooo Time:
ay touch u like radiowaves
ooooo ay’d like
us + u 2 know      ev’rything
fa la la / + ay’ll b getting head
+ by u am er crowned while
eating blackberries
while u my dear ay
crown with myrtle +
swallows twitter in the skies that represent the universal wing:
they sing we sing u sing she sings ay sing
the day in its sadness in Tupperware bring
white birds 2 true lovers do not ever sing
+ o + o + most among the coral
ay desire for none 2 b excluded
o the grass, it is so green

Josh Stanley grew up in southern England and studied English at the University of Cambridge. With Luke Roberts and Timothy Thornton, he is part of Grasp Press and Josh also edits the journal Hot Gun! . He has just finished a year of graduate work at Yale and next year is returning to England to live in Brighton and study at the University of Sussex.






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