Matchbox Museum
curated by Claire Donato & Jeff T. Johnson

Kate Schapira: "Woman and sow in swamp: an alternate history"

Let's say we separated into our component parts and found each other being kind to each other. Being resolute against all others in going forward, being not the moss, being the mess side by side. We're current. We're content to go forward. Our big tusks and our squeals have somewhere to go. The swamp lies where it is. Has no malice. No resolution. It changes slowly. It's we who love ourselves in mud. Cover ourselves. It's we who face the same direction, it's we who grunt: it's we. It's we. The unknown's clean, it's open, it has no compassion, just electric shocks of opening. It doesn't care if we know but we want, to be surrounded, to root, to scent, to dig up, to digest. "It is disgusting to even talk about what is done in the dark." We heard that. We lactate in the dark, simply sympathetically lactating, living to do it. We swing low. Not lovers. We don't deny it. It's we. We go to meet it.

- K.S., Providence, RI


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