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The New Yinzer (TNY) is literary organization dedicated to enriching the literary landscape of Western Pennsylvania and beyond by exposing its residents to new and experimental forms of writing not found in other local fora and engaging them in an educational discourse about that writing, while also providing regional writers with a working classroom in which to cultivate their writing from idea to finished product.

First published online in January 2002, TNY was incorporated as a non-profit organization in June 2002. Its first print book was published in February 2004.

The New Yinzer is hosted on the Web by pair Networks of Pittsburgh and has been funded by the Sprout Fund and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

Please direct editorial inquiries, pitches, and submissions to submit@newyinzer.com.

If you are interested in volunteering or interning (college credit available), e-mail Kris: kris@newyinzer.com.

Summer 2009 Issue Editorial Information

Guest Editor
Claire Donato

Editorial Advisory
Jeff T. Johnson

Justin Katko

Web Design
Claire Donato

Cover Photography
Jieun Reiner

Year-Round TNY Editorial Information

Managing Editor
Kristofer Collins

Assistant Editor
Celine Roberts           

Section Editors
Mark Mangini
Nicole Sebula
Alicia Barnes
Scott Silsbe

Staff Writers
Adam Matcho
John Grochalski
Kurt Garrison
Brendan Kerr

Directors, TNY Presents Reading Series
Savannah Guz
Kristofer Collins
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Paulette Poulet
Erin Griffin
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Dan Wyke

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Pair Networks


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