Pittsburgh Love Stories
For a Time We Wanted Something New
April 20, 2005
"$5" by Seth Madej

April 13, 2005
"C’mon Baby, Let’s Start Anew" by Megan Dunchak

April 7, 2005
"Discomfort" by Timmy Waldron

March 30, 2005
"Museum Ceilings" by Jay Surdukowski

March 23, 2005
"Maternity" by Ruchit Kaplish

March 16, 2005
Photographs by Tracy Rogers

March 9, 2005
"Invisible Fences" by Randall Brown

March 2, 2005
"It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over" by Michael Szczerban

February 23, 2005
"The Bystanders" by Michael Levy

February 16, 2005
"Remembrance of Pierogies Past" by Jonathan Ritz

February 9, 2005
"Boyhood Games" by Neal Hanson

February 2, 2005
"Fantasy and Fact in One Southern Childhood" by Louie Crew

January 26, 2005
"An Inability to Communicate" by Jennifer Schaupp

January 19, 2005
"The Offering" by Richard Holinger

January 12, 2005
"A Death in Venices" by Gerald Bosacker, "Sweetness" by Mike Edwards

January 4, 2005
"Vitamins" by Raud A. Kennedy, "The Will of the Patriarch" by Susan Landon, "EPILOGUE" by Sarah Shey

Issue 36—August 2004
news, gambling, Virginia, money, directions, tweens, baseball, myth making, Taco Bell

Issue 35—July 2004
directions pt. 2, glow

Issue 34—June 2004
graves, turnpike, blades, directions pt. 1, dating, mosquitoes

Issue 33—May 2004
Ayn Rand, great grandmothers, aromatherapy, refugees, Pittsburgh, houses, spring/summer crossword, cloud nine

Issue 32—April 2004
Mt. Pleasant, grandmothers, radio, fish, tornado beatdown, friendship, tiny death

Issue 31—March 2004
teacher, traveling, houses, calendars, deer, nicotine, spit

Issue 30—February 2004
Love letters, Compatibilitator, match-making

Issue 29—December 2003
Hungarian, chemo, biographer, one paragraph, Bill Deasey, Precocious Polly

Issue 28—November 2003
running, composing, Ellison, state fair, wookies, sock puppets

Issue 27—October 2003
online dating, bric-a-brac, football, route 51, crossword puzzle, debut poetry, Gen. Braddock

Issue 26—September 2003
gladiators, graduation, food, Pan, Karl Hendricks Trio, monsters

Issue 25—August 2003
conversations, cars, books, fountains, pups, ghosts, lump

Issue 24—June 2003
breaks, bloggers, fevers, abuse, Dirtstar, Multitool, attribution

Issue 23—May 2003
tunnels, Grisham, Hard Rock, away, sushi, gamer porno, barber shop, sun dress, letter contest

Issue 22—April 2003
war, war, protests, graffiti, anne frank, shrinkage, Local Honey, war

Issue 21—March 2003
snapshots, car salesmen, volcanoes, orgies, cliches, donations

Issue 20—February 2003
costume, WD-40, shopping, windows, hunting, dirtstar, The Cynics, dogestion [sic]

Issue 19—January 2003
defense, metronome, sizes, backward snapshots, dissertation, hair growth, celebrities, regulations

Issue 18—December 2002
sexually transmitted diseases, emotional danger, bars, energy, childhood, semantics, Human Brains

Issue 17—November 2002
The Sport Issue

Issue 16—October 2002
USA PATRIOT, dating, rivers, immigration, diner, orthodoxy, feet, debts

Issue 15—11 September 2002
daughters, New York, cat, dried turkey, staring contest, phone calls, prostitutes

Issue 14—28 August 2002
Hebrewism, Poison, Foamdogs, ears, butch, sofa

Issue 13—14 August 2002
pumpkins, dancing, bbq cats, moon, gimple, art test redux

Issue 12—31 July 2002
new-economy looting, Germans, names, synergies, monsters, whales

Issue 11—17 July 2002
photo hunt, drive-ins, prayer, cocktail stories, tough guys, Tippy the Turtle

Issue 10—19 June 2002
panty-hose, mall-walking, RVs, correspondence, party, yo-yos, inventory

Issue 9—05 June 2002
reunions, trains, guitarists, donuts, Nancy Drew

Issue 8—22 May 2002
The Essay Issue

Issue 7—08 May 2002
Pakistan, variety show, babies, fingers, comic, Pikadori

Issue 6—24 April 2002
polagrams, organs, monkeys, guitars, Iron Chef, meetings

Issue 5—27 March 2002
murder, bathrooms, cousins, girls, irons, lists

Issue 4—13 March 2002
Reader's Digest, John Edward, surveillance, Lent, records

Issue 3—27 February 2002
taxes, goths, epilogue, salt & pepper, Fleetwood Mac, Mr. Roboto

Issue 2—13 February 2002
lotto, cats, joblessness, marriage, suburbia, interviews

Issue 1—30 January 2002
hairdos, travel, road rage, squirrels, temples, gestures, staircases

From the Editors:
April 13, 2005

Salinas, a city in Northern California, is the birthplace of John Steinbeck...