Issue 17 November 2002

Team New Yinzer shows its athletic support in eight sweaty stories of hunger, toil, and loss.

[ The New Yinzer hosts another installment of its monthly happy hour, Sociable Behavior, on Wednesday, November 27 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Zythos on the South Side. ]

In this issue:
I Like Coffee. I Like Tea. I Want You to Jump with Me!
by Bill Julin

The Legendary Blue Horizon
by Stephen Yeager

Cultural Iconography and Pies: How Trivial Pursuit Dumbed Down
by Dave Griffith

To Preserve an Allusion to Perfect Innocence
a photo essay by Jennifer Meccariello

Cow Chip Bingo
fiction by Michael Leahy

A comic by Jim Strouse,
Brad Siemens would like to dunk,
Steve May says goodbye to Kordell Stewart.

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