Pittsburgh Love Stories
For a Time We Wanted Something New
Debbie, a pub star
relieving the men from the war
dancing and swinging like a whale
smiling around like a princess in a fairytale
but a camouflage, deep inside was the sea of sorrow and pain
Boozers torturing and abusing
she had to pander, as she had to entertain
for money, and for money, she with a devil and the night,
in a room, and later, notes of dollars were spread
in the room, on the bed
but, also left sad eyes
and she like a plucked flower
never expected in the life
and she whimpered for countless hours
a sell, but only a shell, a sacred soul inside
she had to hide
a soul of maternity
to rear a little daughter, deprived of paternity
one day through purgatory, went to heaven, in the eternity
leaving behind an innocent in the hands of destiny •

Ruchit Kaplish is an engineer living in India.


From the Editors:
April 13, 2005

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