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About The New Yinzer
The New Yinzer is literary organization dedicated to enriching the literary landscape of Western Pennsylvania and beyond by exposing its residents to new and experimental forms of writing not found in other local fora and engaging them in an educational discourse about that writing, while also providing regional writers with a working classroom in which to cultivate their writing from a fresh idea to a finished product.

The New Yinzer first published online in January, 2002, and was incorporated as a non-profit company in June, 2002. Its first print book was published in February, 2004.

The New Yinzer is hosted on the Web by pair Networks of Pittsburgh and has been funded by the Sprout Fund and the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts program of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

Kristofer Collins
Ellie Gumlock
Scott Silsbe

Advisory Board
Jennifer Meccariello
Seth Madej

Brett Yasko, Book Designer

They also can collectively be reached here.

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From the Editors:
April 13, 2005

Salinas, a city in Northern California, is the birthplace of John Steinbeck...