Issue 20 February 2003

An intrepid writer suits up and braves the cold, because who doesn't love a bear?
by Sharon "Mama" Spell

In this issue:
In the End, Question Becomes Not, 'Can a Can of WD-40 Be Used Up Completely in a Week?' but Rather 'Can it Be Used at All?'
by Heidi McDonald

Observations of a Consumer Made While Shopping for Family-Related Gifts on Groundhog Day
by Jennifer Meccariello

Lawrenceville Windows: First Impressions of My New Neighborhood
a photo essay by J.L. Kidd

Punch Line
fiction by Robert Isenberg

A comic by Heath Pecorino,
Dwight A. Chambers reviews The Cynics while bathing his cats,
Seth Madej's dog has eaten things.

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