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For a Time We Wanted Something New
Please check back for the open call for submissions for The New Yinzer's forthcoming third anthology. Meanwhile, please consider submitting work for Newyinzer.com.

Newyinzer.com accepts fiction, non-fiction and poetry as well as a wide range of genres, themes, and styles; we hope our writers will create on their own. We strive to publish pieces that examine issues of place. This is a broad definition, and one that we invite our writers to challenge and push. In the most simplistic sense it means issues of locality to the author; how the author observes space and the various relationships that spring forth when that kind of examination is undertaken. The boundaries of locality, though, stretch past geography into demographics, history, dynamic relationships, and a variety of abstract concepts. The key is drawing lines between an object and its environment, even when that environment cannot be physically pointed to; the connections are loose and very inclusive and we ask our contributors to help us find how far these issues can and should be taken.

The largest boundary, the rule that was not meant to be broken, is where the author is looking for inspiration. While many great ideas come from within, we ask our writers to always keep one (and often one and a half) eye on their surroundings, world, and community. Internal conflicts without at least a backdrop of external context can be beautiful, but not here. Think of yourself as the moon orbiting the Earth, not the Earth having the moon revolve around it.

We do not accept reviews, previews, or traditional news stories. However, if those elements are secondary features used to tell a larger story—for instance: an Eminem review that is not about the music, but about issues of, say, race relations for the narrator—then we feel that the boundary line has been pushed back into the territory we are working within.

Submissions to Newyinzer.com should be 3,500 words or fewer of prose and 50 lines or fewer of poetry. Those interested in longer submissions should submit a query in advance detailing the nature of the project.

Submissions should be e-mailed as attachments in either Microsoft Word format (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) to submissions@newyinzer.com and should include the title and length in the subject head as well as a cover letter containing the author’s name, mailing address and telephone number in the body of the e-mail. Though authors may publish under pseudonyms, we require a real name for tax and publishing purposes.

One piece will appear on the Web site every week. And though we love our returning writers and hug them when we see them out exploring, we ask them to refrain from submitting within 90 days after publication. It keeps the water fresh.
From the Editors:
April 13, 2005

Salinas, a city in Northern California, is the birthplace of John Steinbeck...