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The Compatibilitator

Who knows what love has in store for us? No one! Time-tested methods of prediction like astrology and numerology have turned out to be nothing but formulas for disaster. Clearly we need new tools to foresee the whims of Cupid.

So, we woke up our science department and told them that they couldn't go to lunch until they came up with something. Within five minutes they had developed FOUR brand new methods to determine the compatibility of you and the one you love. It's The New Yinzer's Compatibilitator!

Your Name: The Object of Your Affection's Name:
Your Age: The Object of Your Affection's Age:
Your Sex: The Object of Your Affection's Sex:
Male Female Male Female
How would you describe your relationship?
We're Serious  We're Friends
We've Made Eye Contact Less Than Twice
Choose the prediction method you want to use:
Gastrology  Golden Girlsology
Forceology  Letterology

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