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We enjoy mail—who doesn't?—and appreciate your correspondence. Please send us letters. And photos, good golly photos. We will print anything.

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From: Leonard Johnson
Sent: Fri 9 Jan 04
Subject: “Ellison”

It made for a good read.

Being able to peer into a woman's mind for once was quite refreshing. I liked the straightforward thinking of the female character and the manner the author used to portray it.

Thank you for the wonderful article.

ATL Resident

From: Kellee Maize
Sent: Wed 14 Jan 04
Subject: ?

I saw your prompt in the happenings list. So i dig this but, what was the guy floating in the sky, i don't get it? I am reading quickly, maybe I missed something.

Do you guys publish on a regular basis?


From: JecDNA
Sent: Wed 14 Jan 04
Subject: Good job

I like what you are doing...keep up the good work!!!


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