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Pittsburgh Love Stories   $10.00
Twenty Pittsburgh writers in love with their city

This book is filled with romance—twenty passionate love affairs between people and a place. Twenty Pittsburgh writers exploring their relationship to their city through all genres of writing: A marathon of pierogi making in Clairton. Screaming motorcycle sex on the South Side. Climbing the walls towering over the Mon. Discovering life on the tiny balconies of Oakland. Twenty love letters addressed to our secret jewel, from everyone among its beautiful cracked hills.

Featuring the work of Creative Nonfiction founder and NEA fellow Lee Gutkind, winner of the Pablo Neruda Prize for poetry Jan Beatty, and eight-time novelist and Drue Heinz award-winner Stewart O'Nan.

Pittsburgh Love Stories deliniates romance and pathos not only for a culturally and scenically endowed city like PGH, PA, but for any mid-sized American city and her denizens. A historical, socio-economic, political—and most importantly, personal—chronicle of this industrial mecca.” –

Featured writers:
Melissa Altenderfer
Jeff Angell
Jan Beatty
Jason Biederman
David Cherry
Susan Constanse
Margaret Emery
Gail Ghai
Dave Griffith
Lee Gutkind
Robert Isenberg
Sherrie Flick
Eric Lidji
David C. Madden
Seth Madej
Jennifer Meccariello
Matt Novak
Stewart O'Nan
Josephine Posti
Kathleen Tarr
Jaime Vodvarka
Sarah Elizabeth Jones Williams

Paperback with slipcover, 224 pages, ISBN 0-97489532-0-8

From the Editors:
April 13, 2005

Salinas, a city in Northern California, is the birthplace of John Steinbeck...