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We enjoy mail—who doesn't?—and appreciate your correspondence. Please send us letters. And photos, good golly photos. We will print anything.

Letters to The New Yinzer should be sent electronically to or physically through the USPS to: The New Yinzer, 277 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201.

From: Kristi
Sent: Sat 10 July 04
Subject: Scott Morris


I would just like to say, that I have been a fan of Scott's poetry for the last two years. I'm very much enjoying my first taste of his prose, and am eagerly awaiting the rest of the serial to be published.

Thank you for having such an awesome writer on board.


From: Linda Dickey
Sent: Sun 11 July 04
Subject: Carmela's Drive

Very engaging piece; looking forward to reading more by this author!

From: DMcdo75576
Sent: Sat 24 July 04
Subject: Victorian Consciences or alternative to Kennywood

Dear Jessica: In the mid-'70s, I lived on East End Avenue. No view of the afterlife, but the Forbes Avenue entrance was the place I took my kids to pretend tombstones were motorcycles. We were quite poor and I'd sunbathe by the lily pond or rummage through the flowers thrown over the hillside, contemplating life's ultimate contradictions.

I like your piece!

Deborah McDonald

From: wesley conroy
Sent: Wed 4 August 04
Subject: Letter to the New Yinzer...

To all of the New Yinzer staff/contributors...I deeply appreciate your broadening efforts for the literary works of those in the Pittsburgh area.
 I'm not quite sure how I came upon finding out about it but I believe, if memory serves me, that I was becoming interested in reading and finding out about other's passions of writing. I can honestly say, this fine collective does much justice of the gained respect for these writers of the city, and deserves an honorable mention to any fan of literature. So, to the New Yinzer, "Shine on you crazy Diamond!"

Wesley Conroy

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