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About the Contributors

Daniela Buccilli earned an MFA in fiction from the University of Pittsburgh in 2001. She now teaches high school in Ellwood City.

B. Clifford's been around the block, and remembers the good ol’ days fondly.

Margaret Emery is the features editor of The New Yinzer.

Dave Griffith is the fiction editor of The New Yinzer.

Pat Lewis couldn't stop drawing if he tried, which he never has. From time to time, people actually pay him to do it. In case you're interested, he's got tons more cartoons and illustrations at

David C. Madden would know nothing about gambling if it weren't for the instruction of Jim Reese and Tyrone Jaeger, to whom—along with Jennifer Meccariello, whose love for horses is admirable and good—his piece is dedicated.

Seth Madej is the also editor of The New Yinzer.

Jennifer Meccariello is the co-founder and director of The New Yinzer.

Scott Morris has been making life difficult for himself in Pittsburgh for thirty years. Alternately a painter, draughtsman, and designer, writing is by far the most problematic and troublesome path Scott has gone down. He loves it to death. "Directions" will continue as a serial in coming issues of The New Yinzer.

Lyla Emery Reno lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, Jesse Reno. You can see her photos at She works as a freelance and fine-art photographer. She likes to hang out where performers, artists and freaks congregate.

Devon W. Thompson, writer and photographer, recently attended a minor league baseball game in Niles, Ohio, on the day after his thirtieth birthday. There he snagged his first-ever foul ball, which he gave away to a little boy down the row. Batavia Muckdogs beat the Mahoning Valley Scrappers, 3-2.

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