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We enjoy mail—who doesn't?—and appreciate your correspondence. Please send us letters. And photos, good golly photos. We will print anything.

Letters to The New Yinzer should be sent electronically to or physically through the USPS to: The New Yinzer, 277 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201.

From: David C. Madden
Sent: Wed 18 Feb 04
Subject: 'Cupid' doesn't not rhyme with 'stupid'.

Dear The New Yinzer:

The evening of Valentine's Day, 2004, was spent with a friend in a $2 movie theater watching a family comedy from the 2003 holiday season. Afterward I went home and sat around, maybe making myself a drink or two. Possibly reading certain texts for various classes.

I heard you threw a party.

On the front page of one of the newspapers on this desk is a colorful and eye-catching story about the last-minute attempts and high-stakes involved to buy out a telecomunnications company. This morning, after leaving the apartment but before leaving the building, I realized I forgot money for coffee (fifteen cents, it's cheap in the communal room here) and ran back to get some, despite being already late for my bus. Yesteday, a professor compared Frederick Douglass's fight for freedom and selfhood in the tenth chapter of his slave narrative to the almost superhuman feats of crazed mothers lifting cars off trapped babies.

What I'm saying is, love makes people do relatively crazy things, and because of this I'm not sure what to do with the fact that I made little effort to come to your party, despite the invitations you sent. I'm busy and poor. I'm a much different person now than when we were together.

On another note, I've noticed you've added e-commerce and .php to your infrastructure. I never would have believed it two years ago.

Here's to you:

From: Dave Dull
Sent: Thu 19 Feb 04
Subject: Love Letters

Now and then I get a chance to check out articles and such things published on your web site. Recently I stumbled upon "love letters." Now of all the things I have read, this story, really knocked the wind out of me. That was an excellent idea, if I do say so myself. A beautiful glimpse into the abstract mind of a modern lover. Wonderful.

- Dave

From: Olivia Ciummo
Sent: Tue 24 Feb 04
Subject: goth kid's lawyer

HEY where did you get that picture of me?
That's me!!!! AKA Suzi or "Melanie". That's me in the article "Kodak Kids".
I can't believe this!!!
That's it I'm calling my lawyers.

love olivia ciummo

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