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We enjoy mail—who doesn't?—and appreciate your correspondence. Please send us letters. And photos, good golly photos. We will print anything.

Letters to The New Yinzer should be sent electronically to or physically through the USPS to: The New Yinzer, 277 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201.

From: Tony Norman
Sent: Wed 5 Nov 03
Subject: “Ellison”

Very good stuff.

From: KBliss
Sent: Mon 10 Nov 03
Subject: “Ellison”

Wow. What perfect framing for such a mediocre as the infamous one-night stand. The author/artist astutely blocked and matted the tale into one of outstanding creativity. If only all desperate concessions in our lives could be so nicely packaged...

R. Roberts-Mesta

From: Olivia Ciummo
Sent: Thu 12 Nov 03
Subject: <no subject>

I'm honored. I'm so happy that you have chosen my name to represent the first ever-New Yinzer hate mail. It looks really nice to see my name so BIG on the Internet. The letter is so close to the works of many great writers. My roommates and I must have been poets and didn't know it. I had almost forgot this little prank. [sic] I was so happy that you had picked my name to be in the New Yinzer I almost cried. Wow and do you really have some dude there that “pushed out” had a baby! How did that happen? Does the baby work there too? Does the baby write html? You should take pictures of the baby and post [sic] them on the web. [sic] That would be sooooooo cool. Yes-- the web-- the information high way. It is so cool! I went to college to learn how to read and write, and part of my degree involved learning how to use the Internet. Now that I can use the Internet I can send you all oh I mean Yinz (silly English language) cool letters every week. Well I hope you all YINZ keep in touch. Love Always Olivia Ciummo PS I'm on the mailing list.

From: Ms. S-E
Sent: Wed 19 Nov 03
Subject: McEntarfer Article

Could you please email this to the author, Heather McEntarfer, whose article I just read?

Heather, I'm so proud of you! I so enjoyed reading your article. I remember when you stopped by the high school to tell me you were going to Pitt, how nervous you were. I'm so glad you're happy, and so proud to have taught you!

--Ms. S-E

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