{ Things My Dog Has Eaten, and Their Consequences }
Seth Madej
illustration by Jen Lawton

drawing - jen lawtonCrabapples: Scolding

Small rock: Successful passing

Fringe from the throw rug: Administering of prescription laxative Laxatone

Bird droppings: Bad breath

Dog droppings: Vomiting

Floor mat: Hospitalization, administering of sub-cutaneous ipecac, massive vomiting

Acorns: Declining oak tree population

Three peppercorns: Noxious gas

Binder clip: Unsuccessful attempt, no consequences

Large dead cricket in owner's sister's house: Embarrassment of owner

Portion of Scrabble tile, "P": Less challenging Scrabble play due to easy identification of letter P

Cat food: No consequences observed

Dog food: Life sustained

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