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I am Getting So Hot; I am Going to Take My Clothes Off
A Spring/Summer Crossword Puzzle
Click here for a printable version.

1. This is a summer dish, for some reason
6. Last word of Ulysses
9. They came to Pittsburgh to spread a little death this spring
12. Elektra or Halcyone, e.g.
13. Lard song appropriate for the season: “Time to —”
14. You won’t live this long
15. It’s so fun to do, it’s done in this clue
16. Home of the Blarney Stone
17. Maybe you can be their next music director (Abbr.)
18. Famous Italian military leader, or the head of covert intelligence on Babylon 5
20. A bee is an appropriate one for summer solstice, if you’re into that kind of thing
22. Don’t fly any faster than this in your airplane, K? (Abbr.)
23. Sweat-inducing chicken in most Chinese restaurants: Kung —
24. Heat-loving tree found in Brazil
25. What Hope does, according to Al Pope
29. Classic Understanding Media quote: “The — the message.”
30. —-Tab: Brand-name erythromycin
31. Buzz or Howl Under the Influence of Heat and Poison Summer label
33. Major European astronomical observatory in South America (Abbr.)
34. The science of non-doing, developed by Rishi Prabhakar (Abbr.)
35. “You Gotta Be” singer Des’—, she also recorded a cover of “Fire,” making her fit the theme of this puzzle
36. John Kerry’s building his this summer
40. The summertime place to be in Pittsburgh, one hundred years ago
44. Sing the praises
45. Father of Taoism, — Tzu
46. Key letters for those whose applications are segregated, apparently (Abbr.)
48. A giant one of these terrorized Monongahela on The X-Files once
49. Most everyone on Fox News
52. “Burning Love” singer and “sound loves to revel in a summer night” poet (Init.)
53. There’s a lot of this in your walls
55. Large Arabic-language newspaper: Al —
56. Rawlins, WY airport code
57. Our golden friend on hot days: — City
58. Catnip, formally
59. Where to find Uniontown, in relation to Pittsburgh
60. 1999 Spike Lee flop: Summer of —
61. Eat away

1. What a person does in spring, if you believe cliches
2. What Britney’s been coasting on lately
3. “Four” on many clocks with Roman numerals, for some reason
4. Traditional Welsh delicacy, though it’s not really beach food
5. Eliot: “Between the — the reality, between the motion and the fact, falls the Shadow.”
6. Summer is not their favorite time of year
7. Colombian rebel group
8. John Ashcroft likes to cover the breasts on naked ones
9. Producers of the track that inspired this puzzle's title
10. She got a card from the Antichrist this Mother's Day
11. A snowstorm in August, e.g.
12. A shaggy, short little hound (Abbr.)
13. You get one with an Rx
19. You’ll feel this way probably around late July
21. This could extend the life of your keyboard (Abbr.)
24. Ticker symbol for Tetra Technologies
26. Public transit labor union in the UK (Abbr.)
27. Don’t leave this sitting out in the sun
28. A bleeding virus that only affects Radiohead and Coldplay?
31. Beck wants to defy all of these
32. How to convert human years to dog years
34. North Korea frequently threatens to turn the US into a “— of fire”
35. If you read Patrick O’Brian books, you know what these guys do
36. Aslan and Caspian's creator
37. Suffer
38. Ducklike
39. Official publication of the Dalmatian Club of America
41. Caveman speak
42. Distinctive trait in numismatics: — edge
43. Ralph Macchio probably doesn't know that this literally means “empty hand”
47. One of these would make a nice summer vacation spot, Cozumel or Margarita e.g.
49. Spring social event teenagers dread, but are supposed to enjoy
50. Connie Hawkins, for one
51. A bit of this will help you squeeze into your swimsuit
54. “Summertime” lyricist, informally

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