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About the Contributors

Melissa Altenderfer’s work has appeared in YAWP, The Taproot Literary Review, Pittsburgh City Paper, Ms., and in the anthology September 11, 2001: American Writers Respond, edited by William Heyen. She is currently the Public Reading Series Coordinator for the International Poetry Forum in Pittsburgh.

Fred Betzner is a Pittsburgh based photographer, filmmaker, actor and writer. He currently shoots for Pulp and Look for him on stage this summer in Dog and Pony Show’s “Grimm.”

Gina Boyd works for public radio and lives with her son in Regent Square.

Mary Chen spends most of her time writing for impressionable youngsters now, so she has to use her words and not write “fuck” and “cock” and “gashlicker” nearly as much as she tends to under normal circumstances. Smell her pottymouth at

Jean-Paul Manzanares is a subversive agent of the conspiracy being waged against you, which continues on even as you unwittingly peruse this artist’s bio rather than look apprehensively over your shoulder to see Them advancing upon your helpless personage. He can be reached at the following sequence of letters:

Bruce Miller earned his MFA in Fiction from Goddard College and, after traveling to North and West Africa, began teaching at the college level in Pittsburgh. He continues to write fiction and, weather permitting, grow vegetables.

Sharon “Mama” Spell paints pictures, draws illustrations, tapdances, creates ambiance, sings songs, laughs loudly, tells stories, pets kitties, kisses strangers, loves her husband, loves her friends, plays piano, performs cabaret, wears a tiara, writes song lyrics, writes instant messages, and hides and seeks in Pittsburgh. Find out more at

Jaime Vodvarka is pursuing her masters degree in secondary education at Duquesne University.

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