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About the Contributors

Ron Gav is a freelance writer and designer working in the Pittsburgh area. His education includes an associate degree in engineering from Dean Tech and bachelors degree in journalism communications from Point Park College. All comments on Bogus Online Colleges and their Plague on Society can be sent to

Brieanne Hauger is freshly unemployed and finding she doesn't like Katie Couric very much at all.

Cara Hayden is a nonfiction writing student at the University of Pittsburgh. A former postal carrier from Buffalo, NY, she now flicks discs with Pittsburgh's Ultimate Frisbee teams, edits an upcoming Homewood community newspaper, and dreams of traveling to places even more obscure than the extinct Dodo bird mecca of Port Louis, Mauritius.

David C. Madden is co-founder of The New Yinzer. He lives in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Heather McEntarfer is an MFA student in the University of Pittsburgh's creative nonfiction program. She is originally from Fredonia, New York.

Sharon "Mama" Spell paints pictures, draws illustrations, tapdances, creates ambiance, sings songs, laughs loudly, tells stories, pets kitties, kisses strangers, loves her husband, loves her friends, plays piano, performs cabaret, wears a tiara, writes song lyrics, writes instant messages, and hides and seeks in Pittsburgh. Find out more at

Jim Strouse is a writer and cartoonist living in New York City.

Deesha Philyaw Thomas is at work on her first novel and also writes short stories and personal essays. She holds a B.A. in economics from Yale University and a Master's degree in education. A native of Jacksonville, Florida, she currently lives in Regent Square with her husband and daughter.

Justin Wuycheck is originally from Mid-Michigan and graduated with a journalism degree from Michigan State University. He moved to Pittsburgh two years ago and will move to Eastern Europe this winter to teach English. He will provide some written material for the ambient band Auburn Lull's second album.

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