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About the Contributors

Dan Buczynski was born and raised in Pittsburgh. He's had an interest in photography for years, but only started to take it seriously last December. He lives in the South Hills with his wife Jennifer and their small zoo: Sir Macintosh (dog), Count Buckula (dog), Symba (cat), Alex (cat) and Dusty (kitten). He maintains a daily "fotolog" at

Richard Claypool is myopic. He sleeps on the floor, eats pork rinds, and plans to spend time in the desert.

Joshua D Edwin was born and raised amid crabcakes and conservative Judiasm in Baltimore, MD. He now lives in Atlanta, GA and spends his time writing, playing music, and coaching youth soccer.

Laura Steinmaus is currently taking the "starving artist" concept to new heights. Please send food.

Laura Suzanne Wilk is a freelance writer.

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