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It's Fall: A Crossword Puzzle
The New Yinzer Editors
Click here for a printable version.

1. Kind of master found in a gym
6. Things Fall Apart setting
13. I think this happened on September 23, but I have to check
15. Like ZZ Top with pointy hats
16. Vampires don't have one, so we're pretty safe
18. Everyone's favorite gland
19. "Mr. Bradley, stop it!"
20. Insult shortstop Ordoñez
21. Subject line for an email about love
24. "Can Mr. Hirt play 'Java'?"
26. "Fall on Me" band
27. Actor who played Dracula, sort of (Init.)
28. To get on Michael Feldman's show, call 1-800-WHA—W
29. Stadium staple
31. Lots of grad students take it, but none of them want it
32. Mr. Fantastic, informally
34. Sequel to Beaumont's epistolary novel?
35. Spielberg's first film
36. "Transmission" singer Curtis
37. Nick and Nora Charles's dog
38. First name in New Journalism
39. For falling, Venantius is the patron one (Abbr.)
40. Pittsburghers look this way by the time December rolls around
42. You can find one in Georgetown this season
46. James Coburn made a great one
48. Wiccan harvest alternative
49. How many good men the navy is looking for
50. Query sixties trumpeter Alan
51. Novel about an autumn carnival: — This Way Comes
55. You are woman, hear —
56. If you can solve this puzzle, you —
57. All that stuff Catholics have to do
58. Thanksgiving turkeys do it for about three hours

1. Ridley Scott film: White
2. Thanksgiving's creative meat
3. A chore for Gigolo Joe?
4. Virgil's tour through the land of the first fall
5. Pittsburgh's first family, from Sept.–Jan.
6. Stupid, in Vietnamese
7. Your suppressed sun god
8. Ms Hawn's favorite hosta?
9. "'Till I Collapse" rapper
10. — mortis
11. The hippest of suffixes
12. Pacific northwest natives Huu-ay—
13. Good comics to read on Halloween
14. X's special peepers
17. West African nation emerging from 10-year civil war (Abbr.)
20. Abbreviation on an FBI biz card
22. Princess Fiona is rescued by one
23. Falling Up author Silverstein
25. The Fall frontman Mark E.
30. USA's intelligence gatherer, its WWII predecessor, and its Spanish counterpart (Abbr.)
31. England's firecracker
32. Often precedes fall
33. Alton Brown's show Good
35. You need more than this for a real gumbo (Var.)
37. What Malibu Stacy used to beat Lisa Lionheart
38. Gotti's family
40. Red suns are pasted in the sky like them
41. The fifth one's opposable
43. — club: Apparently a desirable weapon for Everquest players
44. A central letter, eg.
45. Nine nails minus an inch? (Abbr.)
47. Author, The Fall
50. A word often ignored in libraries
51. Pet Shop Boys "My October —" (Abbr.)
52. Method for analyzing problems in a computer system (Abbr.)
53. Obsolete way to chat
54. Matt Murdock's alter ego, briefly

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