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About the Contributors

Dwight Alan Chambers is a graduate of Slippery Rock University.

Dave Copeland has been a Pittsburgh resident and a staff writer for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review since 1999. In addition to covering business, he writes a column on Monday and Friday for Trib p.m.,the recently launched afternoon edition of the Tribune-Review.

Richard Engel came to Carnegie Mellon University as a freshman in 1987. While working as a busboy in the early Nineties he married Jennifer Bannan, founded Radio Transcript Newspaper (a monthly print magazine), and bought a house in Friendship. He is currently a full-time dad and part-time freelancer and job-seeker.

Robert Isenberg is an essayist, playwright, and critic afflicted with permanent wanderlust. He has contributed to Pulp and Whirl, as well as other publications in the United States and Canada. His play, 32 ft. per sec. per sec., was declared one of the ten best original plays of 2002 by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Cara Gillotti writes for Pulp, Pittsburgh City Paper, and The Journal of Invertebrate Management.

Sara Emily Kuntz was born on 16 June 1980 at 2:15 a.m. The sun was in Gemini, the moon was in Leo, and Aries was rising. A big fan of kitties, ditties, and pretty pictures, Sara also writes poetry and works a damn good copy machine. A small portfolio is available at

Jean-Paul Manzanares is a subversive agent of the conspiracy being waged against you, which continues on even as you unwittingly peruse this artist's bio rather than look apprehensively over your shoulder to see Them advancing upon your helpless personage....

James McManus is a playwright whose work has been produced in Pittsburgh and New York City. Recent productions include Pistachio and The Night They Drugged the Orange. "Eamon" is his first short story in many years.

Craig Mrusek is an illustrator/designer born and raised in Pittsburgh. When he's not working on a project, he can often be found engaged in a Zen-like pursuit of the perfect Martini. To see a small selection of his work, take a peek at

Heath Pecorino or (MHP) is a visual artist who works predominantly in acrylics, oils, pens, and inks. He hopes to someday be a successful comic book artist and author, as well as an accomplished novelist, film director, cinematographer, scientist, mathematician, magician, and musician.

Sharon "Mama" Spell paints pictures, draws illustrations, tapdances, creates ambiance, sings songs, laughs loudly, tells stories, pets kitties, kisses strangers, loves her husband, loves her friends, plays piano, performs cabaret, wears a tiara, writes song lyrics, writes instant messages, and hides and seeks in Pittsburgh. Find out more at

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