our mission to question, develop, and embody pittsburgh's
newly emergent identity via literary discourse

we provide regional writers with a working classroom to cultivate writing
from fresh idea to finished product on the page and on stage

the new yinzer first published online january 2002
incorporated june 2002
our first print book published february 2004

we stage between 4 and 8 literary events per year in the pittsburgh area


Managing Editor
Kristofer Collins
TiNY Art
Mark Mangini
City Slang
Nicole Sebula
Between the Lines
Alicia Barnes
Staff Writers
Adam Matcho
John Grochalski
Kurt Garrison
Brendan Kerr
Directors, TNY Presents Readings
Savannah Guz
Kristofer Collins
Art Direction
Paulette Poulet
Erin Griffin
Web Production
Jessica Fenlon
Promotional Art
Dan Wyke
Web Hosting
Pair Networks

Assistant Editor
Celine Roberts

Sound & Vision
Scott Silsbe


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