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2 poems by Savonna Johnson






in the morning you will fight me during cereal then wrap into your blanket hunch

I remember watching my mom stiff back toward my dad

then his advances of the hands until she collapsed guard into laughter

and from the tension this was love

I think you something of an animal in the hard nudging for my attention and

I'm sorry I cried that one time it just got too real too quickly and if they ever asked me

he is gentle I would say and rough when I need it



I am waiting for you to return home

I am waiting for what we are building































I think of you in harvest in the silence it takes to stare into the sun

and have wondered about the Farmer's Almanac

thought that your stepmother must have marked your proposal and now

she puts a single line through it


It shivers through clouds toward the heat of you

which I remember quite fluidly and

how I got very upset about it when

they told me of the problem

at the base of my cervix


I wish only to return but after


After the last pick of the crop

I have seen your stepmother's leeks in so many pictures

your woman is smiling blind black widow I
will have bore three children

none of which are yours


Return to you after the guilt and what

I will tell him once middle aged and dry

how you were the first ever and the only


To have stolen a thing and to break it

time and again I will know your relapse

as the pinched sliver behind the muscle of

my left abdomen thoroughly starved yet patient






Savonna Johnson is currently a Pittsburgh poet. She leads an experimental poetry writing group at Biddle's Escape, a cafe in the Wilkinsburg area. Right now, she is working full-time and trying to figure out where to go to receive an MFA/PhD for poetry. She is also independently studying herbal medicine and hopes that you are having a beautiful day. If you are interested in browsing a few more of her publications, feel free to simply google her name.