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Travel Stories

for a time we wanted something new - the new yinzerThe New Yinzer's second print storybook, For a Time We Wanted Something New is now available to buy. The book collects travel and motion-themed stories embodied in forty pages of professionally designed goodness. These stories are all new; have never before been seen. They include:

  • "Peru" by Jessica Mesman
  • "He is My Love Match" by Margaret Emery
  • "A Train Leaves Chicago" by Robert Isenberg
  • "Born to Scoot" by Pat Lewis
  • "Soon After, the Flash Snapped" by Andrea Martin
  • "Route 19" by Cara Fagan
Plus: a special offer from Jim Strouse, photographs by Dawn C. Bisi, extended and more honest bios, and stories by Benjamin Davies, Joseph West, B. Clifford, and Steve May reprinted from earlier editions of The New Yinzer.

Buy It Soon or Maybe Now
For those who cannot wait, as we cannot wait to sell the thing to you, it is on sale at Grainbag.com, a top-notch online commercial art gallery based right here in Pittsburgh.
You can also find it at these fine local, independent stores:

The Copacetic Comics Company
1505 Asbury Place, Squirrel Hill

Heads Together Video
2127 Murray Avenue, Squirrel Hill

1321 E. Carson Street, South Side

4300 Butler St, Lawrenceville

Boxheart Expressions
4523 Liberty Avenue, Bloomfield

410 S. Craig Street, Oakland

Paul's Compact Discs
4526 Libery Avenue, Bloomfield

(Print storybooks are something we are trying to do somewhat regularly now—say, twice at year to start. We like hearing suggestions and comments. If you've got some, please send to letters@newyinzer.com.)

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