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From: Sean O'Donnell
Sent: Sun 16 Feb 03
Subject: Brief 255 word opinion piece about I Spy valentines

I would like to applaud Nicholas Poillucci of Lawrenceville for his decision to deem the I Spy valentines inappropriate for the entire nation. Ironically, I find it terribly patriotic that such a jingoistic individual would choose the inappropriate valentines to begin with. Although I have not personally seen any boxes of the valentines (and thank that white-Anglo-Saxon God above that I won’t), the photograph of Mr. Poillucci modeling the box of ominous cards clearly shows that any patriotic American would be tempted to invest in the red, white, and blue packaging of I Spy valentines.

Moreover, what good American, especially in this time of extreme dangerous media hype, would not condone the very duplicity of the cards? Sure, we are all fans of the popular puzzle series, but who doesn’t want to subliminally sanction our pre-schoolers to engage in espionage?

Even more admirable is Mr. Poillucci’s decision to hide the word “Jihad” from his 3-year-old daughter. As good Americans, we cannot have our children seeing this word used in its original, non-violent form. We cannot allow the future of America to know that even though Al-Qaida uses Jihad in reference to a “holy war,” the word actually depicts a striving for higher moral standard devoid of shameful actions—ignorance is bliss. Likewise, we must continue distorting the fact that gay also means bright, lively, or happy, and that Christmas isn’t actually about Santa Claus. Maybe tomorrow someone can persuade Disney to disavow Aladdin or Snow White—Osama bin Laden bears an eerie resemblance to Sleepy.

Sean O'Donnell


From: Jaime Vodvarka
Sent: Tue 18 Feb 03
Subject: letter

I'd like to comment on B. Clifford's article about Northern Virginia and itsdefense contractor business. My parents own a small manufacturing business,and I am well aware of the process of DoD bidding and contracting, and ofcourse, what products they buy. When I was young, I remember my fathershowing me a spring that would go into machine gun, and then walking acrossthe room to where he was making wireforms for protective gas masks. To saythat everything that is made for the DoD leads to death and destruction isignorant and ill informed. I feel a much more important fact was neglectedin this article. One that not only reflects the economic agenda of ourgovernment, but the corporations that manipulate it. Our small business, aswell as others who've done DoD work, have experienced a HUGE decline incontract availability over the years. Like most private manufacturing jobs,these too have gone overseas. It doesn't surprise me that corporations areselling out the American dream of operating a viable personal enterprise;they have no country. Our manufacturing infrastructure has been so severelydevastated by our 'freemarkets' that we can no longer fight a war, or Godforbid, rebuild from a war, without relying heavily on imported goods. Thisvulnerability is merely sickening compared to the one we now face: The actof government sending our defense contracts overseas is criminal.

Special thanks to Freemarkets for all your hard work.

Jaime Vodvarka


From: Michelle Leonette
Sent: Thu 20 Feb 03
Subject: italics, not the best practice


Just found out about your web [sic] site from a friend. However, I had muchdifficulty in [sic] reading the content because it was all in italics. Largebodies of text on the web [sic] should not be formatted in italics. This is justcommon best [sic] practice for the formatting of web [sic] content. To keep readerscoming to your site to "read", I suggest you remove the italics from thelarge bodies of text.


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