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From: Rick Freeman
Sent: Tue 17 Dec 02
Subject: Poor being cheated by Wal-Mart in Pgh

I can not believe how much Wal-Mart at the N. Versailles store has liedto me recently. They have admitted to making many mistakes to me and Isaw people there crying because of lost layaways that they alreadypaid for. Meanwhile they found someone else's TV to give to me. Nothingthat happened to me is like this. I have a friend that was a victim of amistake of the layaway dept. putting the wrong TV on her cart and thenWal-Mart arrested her for trying to steal it. NOW they will not givethis woman her toys that she already paid for and has all the receiptsfor. They said they lost the layaway, then decided to say the next daythey won't give it to her. There is no video of the theft, no other TVsitting around the store that she switched it with. Just her beingarrested because she was black I feel. I am white and amazed to see andhear the prejudiced things I have heard. The regional office told me itis a rough area with bad people that management has to be extra toughon, but they took care of me, the white person. Well this woman seemslike my own mother just wanting her toys she paid for already, and I'llbet my white mom would not have gotten arrested over mistakes thathappen because of all the temp help right now and lack of management.Her husband was waiting at their car with the first load of stuff whileshe was being handcuffed and taken away. I had a person who builds bikessay that he was a manager and will give me a raincheck. He threw itaway or lost that. The Manager M.S. HIDES. I have never seenmanagement push problems to temp. help like this man does. 4 calls Imade, over an hour on hold, 2 messages and no return calls from M.His picture is all over the store and it says to just ask for him. Ihave exhausted all my venues of trying to get these problems solved withWal-Mart and need help!! I witnessed many mistakes and know this canhappen, but you don't arrest a person and keep all their kids' toys theypaid for. I'm truly sorry the store would not find a way to deal withthe problems at this location in Pittsburgh, PA. I can get you thewoman's number to call to get all the facts directly. Please help her!
Rick Freeman
owner — Hometown Music

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