{ Doctoral Thesis }
Todd Cesaratto

elbow patch - the new yinzerThe humanities building of a quasi-ivy-league Midwestern university stood at the epicenter of a wave that would momentarily spread across the Western world. Doctor Hannah Riesen was awaiting the verdict of Rip Eagleford, an Oxbridge visiting professor, regarding Andy Spieling's doctoral dissertation, which was titled "I am the smartest man who has ever lived." Spieling's text consisted of the title sentence repeated 2,500 times; a footnote to a major work of Western thought supported each repetition. Visiting professor Eagleford—whose doctoral work, "Though My Smug Intellectual Superiority is Insufferable, It Is Unfortunately Also Unassailable", had caused a devastating tumult from which the Humanities were still recovering—now hung his head and said to Riesen, "I can find no flaw in his argumentation," thereby setting off the quake.
   Spieling, a deep-cover agent of advanced capitalism, grinned as, from a safe distance, he witnessed the neo-gothic building vanish in a flash like a carrot down a gopher hole.

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