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From: TP McCabe
Sent: Sun, 29 Sep 02
Subject: ha

ha ha ha ha ha, aha

i am in the back of a police crusier

i have a laptop on me

they do not know

and the worst part is...i have clogs on...

they have gold fish in the heels like frenchy fuqauia, or something

i study at pitt

i go into to the gothic cathedral of learning dressed as a woman..
as a guy, chicks hated me and so did men...
but now, as woman it, the men and the woman love me...the funny part is that I have a hyphenated dipthong that you would not believe...or
should I say that I admire your punctuation....
actually i really was a student...
my mother worked at student accounts and was held up at gunpoint
I wrote a piece about how some one was going to get run over in the bus lane..
no one cared
until two people got hit
...now they have bars..
i flew paper airplanes out of the cathedral

i was interviewed by the local news and asked what I would do with my tax refund...
I had a skinny tie and a rounded collar
one time, i was driving down Forbes and this dude was waitng for the bus or something...
he seemed like he wanted to talk...
but I figured something was up...
so I rolled down the window and he was yanking his banana.
i said..Jesus loves you! he took off like...okay...he got out fast


From: Todd Palcic
Sent: Wed, 25 Sep 02
Subject: letter from prague

Ever heard of anyone travelling in Venice and Prague who's looking forward to return to Pittsburgh? How about Amsterdam, Paris or London? Well, its 45 and wet here but isn't it funny how when young yinzers and other too-good-for-Pittsburgh types complain about the weather, the smoky bars, the closing times etc...

I've been in Europe the last 3 Septembers and its a wet, windy place much of the time all the way until May 1st (with the exception of an Indian summer). Ever been in a non-smoky Prague bar? No chance. Yep, the bars close early in England, Italy, Switzerland and other places—earlier than Pittsburgh and even earlier than L.A.

Basically, to the whiners: quit bitching and enjoy life (especially) our gorgeous Septembers, I'm going for a stroll like everyone does here—in spite of the weather.

Todd Palcic, 28, South Side

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