{ A Catalogue of Items Found under a Living Room Couch after One Year and One Month's Worth of Neglectful Cleaning }
Cindy Yogmas

dirty couch1. 79 cents—two quarters, one time, three nickels, four pennies
2. A single orange sock—neither resident owns its counterpart
3. A single gray sock—recently reunited with its estranged partner
4. A business card for lawn care service—we don't have a lawn
5. A spool of surplus rust-colored thread leftover from mending friend's corduroys three months ago
6. Six ball point pens—three black, two blue, one red
7. A cap for a felt tip marker—marker still AWOL
8. An empty container of birth control pills—prescription terminated fourteen months ago
9. Three paperclips —one creatively bended into miniature dada-esque art, perhaps for the use of cleaning under fingernails or opening plastic wrap on new Cds
10. Nintendo game —Super Mario Brothers III— most overrated game ever, probably kicked under couch in frustration for never completing final battle ship level
11. Half-dozen inch-thick mounds of dusty, grayish cat fur—cats are orange and calico
12. One ball of aluminum foil—undoubtedly the work of one of the aforementioned cats
13. Three issues of a defunct local weekly paper—though both residents were former employees, neither were contributors for any of said issues
14. Non-IBM compatible floppy disc—artifact from early college days when old Macs were currently in use
15. Unidentifiable foil wrapper, either from inside of a pack or cigarettes or stick of chewing gum
16. Two bottle caps—one Amstel Light and one Yuengling Lager
17. Pay stub from former job at local publishing company, dated November 14, 2001
18. Double A battery—perhaps discarded from replacing battery in living room clock
19. Lipstick pencil—Sephora shade #605—sorely missed and prematurely replaced
20. VHS video—Peter Weir's Picnic at Hanging Rock—classic movie skillfully found at local thrift store
21. Skeletal remnant of a peacock feather—from calico kitten's days of predatory training
22. Petrified stub of a baby carrot, two grapes in process of becoming raisins, countless kernels of unpopped popcorn

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