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From: HomeGrown Records
Sent: Mon, 27 May 02
Subject: Recording Opportunity

HomeGrown Records is a 24-bit, 42-track recording studio in the Pittsburgh area, specializing in finished EP's and LP's for airplay, and professional use. Our clients and bands are currently played on stations such as 91.3 (WYEP), ESPN, as well as many college radio stations. We do not charge by the hour, but by the project, so you are free to express and explore without the distraction of the clock with unlimited hours. This means that you will know what the cost will be up front, which will not change. No studio can match our produced quality for the low amount that we quote-determined by each particular band's situation. Your vision is our primary concern, and will be realized through the talents of our chief producer, malley, who has produced over 50 CD's in our studio, achieving success in various areas of the "business": countless airplays, movie soundtracks, compilation CD's, and a reputation for getting the most serious sonic fidelity in his mixes. From our total of 60 CD's, here is a list of a few of the more popular bands, and styles, that we have recently produced: Ego vs. Id, Dissevered, Pandora (rock-all kinds); Salena Catalina (played on 91.3); SOB's, AWOL (ska), Anarchaos, Tommy Gutless, (punk), Suburban Legend, ESP, Fulkop (rap/hip-hop); Mended Mellon, Rising Tide (jam bands); Distractions, Jhinx, Mind's I (live recording), and many more-all of which are available to send to you as a sample. In the meantime, listen to our work here: http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/7/slick_olde_bishops.html  and http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/213/dissevered.html

The value of our studio lies in our ability to allow you the freedom to record your masterpiece, giving you adequate control over your sound, production, and the final mixdown. HomeGrown Records is sometimes compared to Sub Pop, since we do not follow the archaic "rules" of operations that most studios insist on keeping. Instead, we cater to the artist and his/her needs; we have great approval from our clientele, with many artists coming back for additional recording. With our expertise, you will be booked at bigger venues, and/or be signed (like many of our bands) to a lucrative record company. There is no reason to have a bad experience in a recording studio, anymore. We stand behind all of our work--100%; the project is not complete, until you are satisfied with your sound. Visit us and see and hear our studio. You can test us out (plug-in and jam), before you decide on us to produce your CD--no charge. Hear how 24-bit digital hard-disk recording, combined with 24-bit effects, matched with 24-bit powered speakers equals 24 kt. gold records. We also will record you live at your gig, giving you a polished, edited, compressed, mastered CD-with your guidance and input-of your performance for only $200. Please, tell us of your musical vision, and/or ask us any questions about our studio. We hope to hear from you soon.

HomeGrown Records


From: Jason Baron
Sent: Thu, 30 May 02
Subject: Today I mourn the loss...

Today, I mourn the upcoming dissolution of the band "H@LO Angel Repair Shop." Though I have never actually listened to this band, it saddens me that I will never again receive SPAM from them. I don't remember having ever seen them, or signing up for their email list, but I will miss the bi-weekly updates telling me when their next show in the Philadelphia area would be, regardless of the fact that I live in Boston. I've missed so many of their shows, that I feel as though they are a small part of my life. I delighted in the occasional game of "How did I get on this list?" or "Do I know one of these guys?" And now, after many months of not catching this show at "John & Peter's" in New Hope, or that one at that place in Doylestown, it's all over. I've considered going to MP3.com and listening to the one tune they have posted, but then I think to myself "Best to cherish the mystery."

Goodbye H@LO.

Jason Baron


From: Christopher R. Farrell
Sent: Mon, 03 Jun 02
Subject: Essay Issue elicits unabashed praise

Dear Yinz:
Once again, your publication has delivered me from another humdrum day at the office. The Essay Issue was, IMHO, your most thought-provoking and entertaining offering to date. I very much enjoyed Jim Strouse's comic (as usual), and the review of "Topiary Cat" by the enigmatic B. Clifford.

My favorite piece in the issue, however, was Stephen Yeager's insightful commentary on quotational humor. I liked it so much, in fact, that I've become inspired to include some of my own favorite quotes—culled from right here in my office:

   - "It is currently 4:30 p.m. in Gambia."
   - "I would marry my memo if I could."
   - "I'm trying to finish this stupid thing that I hate."

In case you couldn't tell, my office isn't very entertaining. That's why I read the New Yinzer.

Keep up the good work!

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