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From: sara emily kuntz
Subject: fleetwood mac
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002

there are many ways i could write this letter. i could use aself-depreciating stoner tone which would end up coming across as bill andted's excellent e-mail. i could be indignant and angry that my *favorite*band *ever* is being dissed by some guy with the last name yeager. i couldwax poetic about my father and how he named me after the song "sara"because i am the poet in his heart.

but none of these would be true.

i hate christie mcvie almost as much as john mcvie probably does.i think a man named lindsay was seriously fucked by his parents (althoughhe did inherit the genes for one of the best white man 'fros ever). and ireally don't understand how anyone could want to have mick fleetwood as a lover.

but what is really comes down to is that i love stevie nicks. her gypsyclothing, her haunting voice, her cryptic lyrics about silver springs andlandslides. she is every nature girls' wet dream. so she had a littlecocaine problem and likes scarves a bit excessively, no one is perfect.

and besides, how could i hate the band that wrote this song about, well, me. it sure beats hall and oates (unless we're talking about "rich girl," which is my favorite hall and oates song and a completly different letter).

sara e kuntz


From: Roy Bryant
Subject: Broken link in www.newyinzer.com
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002

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Roy Bryant


From: Rehan Nasir
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002

Dear New Yinzer,

A new employee started working in my office today. His breath is awful. Although he's a year younger than I am, I still don't feel comfortable asking him if he really did eat crap for breakfast or just didn't brush his teeth. I mean, is that the tone of the employee-employee relationship that I want to set? Probably not. A friend of ten years recently told me that if his breath ever smelled like manure to let him know immediately. I guess I would if it was truly unbearable, but that's a friend of ten years, not a stranger of ten hours.

Rehan Nasir

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