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From: Olivia Ciummo
Subject: I hate your mag
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002

Wow is you [sic] on line [sic] mag stupid. And worst of all you have that girl Doorothy's [sic] fucked comic. So all you people are are [sic] a bunch of college grads. [sic] with no where [sic] to go and not a creative bone in your body [sic]. Oh and to the editior [sic] I'm sure you'll never know what it is like to push out a baby BECAUSE YOUR [sic] A FUCKING MAN!!!!

Yes [sic] "pushing out a baby is hard". [sic] And I'm sure you fuckers will never know how hard it really is. I'm sure mommy and daddy sent you all to college so you could make this fuked [sic] online mag. So please don't represent the people of pittsburgh [sic] you lame fucks. PS. read [sic] a book [sic] get a clue and stay out of the art in Pittsburgh. The last thing artist [sic] need are you fuckers putting your noses us [sic] our asses. Fuck off Olivia... [sic?] You don't know shit....


From: Stephanie Spence
Subject: good luck w/ your new adventure
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002

Enjoyed reading "I don't have a job". Good luck w/ your new venture.

Stephanie Spence
Pennsylvania Health & Fitness Magazine and Pittsburgh NOW

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