Counter Culture: Ramblings from the Nametag Subculture
by Adam Matcho

Local Voyeur
Rich Blecharz laments the absence of evil at Mr. Smalls

Yinzer Gourmet
Matthew J. De Reno invites you to sample his spicy meatballs

Lost Yinzer
John Grochalski accidently stumbles across a Steelers bar in ol’ SF


Indie Rocker vs. Classic Rocker
The boys discuss a couple of real heartbreaking records,
get all weepy, reveal their true feelings for one another,
and decide to open a Bed & Breakfast in Vermont

by Kurt Garrison and Kristofer Collins

One Track Mind
Featuring Disintegration Loops I b/w Dark Side
by Nikki Allen and Dib Cochrane

SpottieOttieDopalicious Reflections on Cinema
Jonathan Moody reflects on the tragedy of missed opportunities and Wong Kar-Wai’s In the Mood for Love



Authenticity and Inventing Others by Brendan Kerr

All I Wanted to Do Was Play Hockey
Jeff T. Johnson looks into Cleo Birdwell’s Amazons: An Intimate Memoir by the First Woman Ever to Play
in the National Hockey League

Lost and Found
Labyrinths by Jorge Luis Borges
by Alicia Barnes

Paperback Jukebox
What’s on Scott Silsbe’s Playlist?
The Easter Parade by Richard Yates



Three Poems from Your Sister Face
Awaiting, The Steeple From All Sides, Visiting
by Bronwen Tate

Fiction by Ashleigh Pedersen

Four Poems
Hypnotherapy, Man among Myrtles,
Mr. Whig’s Phrenology, Respóndeme Lulú

by David Francis




TNY Comic


Ben Filio


Suzanne Slavic is the Artist of the Year and
Pittsburgh's Neighborhood Narratives
start screening around town.
By Jessica Fenlon


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