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July 2006
In This Issue

Pittsburgh Left
Henry Miller, the Kingdom of Man, and the Iron City
by Daniel Wollenberg

My Town of Endless Returns
In Which a Writer Finds Her Way Home
by Heather McNaugher
with an Illustration by Tim Brown

Trout Fishing in Pittsburgh
Remembering Pittsburgh From Brautigan's Northwest
by Jeffrey Dunn

An Extremely Abridged History of Lawrenceville
A Comic by Paulette Poullet

Your Heart Out
A Talk With Caulen Kress of Cetipede E'est
by Scott M. Silsbe
with an Illustration by Paulette Poullet

Gatsby's Bar: My Brautigan
In Which Richard Brautigan Alters the Course of a Life
by Kristofer Collins
with an Illustration by Paulette Poullet

80's Night, 2-Down, Hell With the Lid Off
Three Poems by Jonathan Loucks

Counter Culture: Two And A Half Cynics
At the Mall with Adam Matcho

The Legacy of the Cat Table
In Which the Mystery of Language Comes Full Circle
by Ellie M. Gumlock

Additional Illustrations by Paulette Poullet throughout.